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Regional Roster:

Nicolai Brøchner

1. How did you start bike racing?
 By watching the Tour de France and racing with my friends in the city streets after school. I loved it so much, that I entered my first sanctioned bike race at age 11.
2. Years racing?
 8 years
3. What race result are you most proud of?
 My podium finishes in some European UCI races as a junior and my first race as a cat 1 racer in Denmark where I finished 3rd and beat almost all of the domestic pros.
4. Worst day on the bike?
 When I was fifteen I did two races in one weekend. I was in the front group sprinting for first place both days but crashed both days 200 meters before the finish line.
5. Any non-traditional cross-training?
 Plyometrics and yoga
6. Long-term cycling goals?
 Being able to live off of riding my bike and racing in all the biggest races in the world
7. Strangest thing you’ve ever seen on a bike ride?
 A horse running into the middle of the peloton splitting the race up into two large groups during a race in Switzerland
8. What excites you the most about racing for Bissell ABG Nuvo this year?
 Racing with my teammates and winning a lot of races together as a team
9. If you could ride with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
10. What Bissell ABG Nuvo sponsored product are you most excited to ride and why?
 The Giant frame for sure. It’s by far the best bike I’ve ever had
11. Favorite jersey you owned?
 My new Bissel-ABG-Giant kit
12. Pok-a-dot, green or yellow? Why?
 Green, it’s the sprinter’s jersey and sprinters are the most courages and aggressive, and the last few km of a flat stage in the tour are always the most exciting
13. The grand tours or the classics? Why?
 The classics. The horrible weather in northern Europe in the spring and the narrow belgian roads make them the most interesting and exciting races to watch
14. Pre-race rituals?
 Relaxing and trying to keep focus on the race
15. What music do you blast while using your Bissell vacuum cleaner?
 70′s and 80′s heavy metal and rock and roll